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Layouts by Jerome A Lepinski.

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2 Lane ThunderJet and A.F.X. Layout

    The first four levels went up fairly quickly.   Notice two 90 degree intersections on the left side of the first level.   A railroad crossing on the head board is not yet installed.

    Railroad crossing installed on the right side of the layout.   Twin spirals on left removed to make room for a few straightaways with bank turns.

    I wanted a wide flat turn, so I added one.   I color coded the feature track so they could be seen from a distance.   The yellow fences in the eight lane curve are usually not there.

    Tried to get the whole track in view; not quite.

    A look at the support structure under the track.   My departed pet "Missie", a brilliant whippet.

    A peek at the railroad crossing from the back side of the table.

    A peek down on the second level railroad crossing.   I put the railroad crossing on the second level so the train would fall completely off the track after a collision.   I had problems with a previous layout where a partial derailed train would not stop, and things would break.   On the second level, the train would quickly derail completely with seldom even a coupler breaking.

    Train coming around the right side of the table.   Train tracks are on paneling.   Slot car tracks are supported by 1 1/2 and 2" sewer pipes with 1/4" threaded rods.

    A better look at the support structures as a pair of Amracs enter the straightaway.   These pipes are waiting for the next level to be added.

    If you have not noticed, I like a dangerous track.   So I added another six intersection tracks with a lot of 6" curves.

    It took four years to build, with never more than a day down.   It took two days to disassemble and pack.

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