Identifications: Tracks: Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale Slot Car Tracks

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    Look through the list of pictures and descriptions below to see if you can find the track you want to identify. If you still are unable to find an exact match to the track in your hand, send us an email with a small digital photo and we will try to assist you.

Aurora Thunderjet H.O. Scale Slot Track

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale Terminal Tracks_____

Common Ground

Isolated Ground

Dual Control

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale Straight Tracks_____

15" 2 lane

9" 2 lane Striped

9" 2 lane

7" 2 lane Striped

7" 2 lane

6" 2 lane Striped

6" 2 lane

5" 2 lane Striped

5" 2 lane

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale 1/4 Circle Curve Tracks_____

9"ra 1/4C Striped

9"ra 1/4C

6"ra 1/4C Striped

6"ra 1/4C

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale 1/8 Circle Curve Tracks_____

15"ra 1/8C Striped

15"ra 1/8C

12"ra 1/8C Striped

12"ra 1/8C

9"ra 1/8C Striped

6"ra 1/8C Striped

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale Banked Curve Tracks_____

9"ra 1/8C Banked

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale Feature Straight Tracks_____

9" Lap Counter

9" Cobblestone

9" Starter Track

9" Wiggle

9" Lane Change Striped

9" Double Cross

9" Squeeze Striped

9" Squeeze

9" Blow-Out Track

9" Electric Lap Counter

9" Computrac Primary Terminal

9" Computrac Auxiliary Terminal

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale Feature Curve Tracks_____

9"ra 1/4C Lane Change

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale Intersection Tracks_____

9" Intersection

9" Railroad Crossing White Stripe

9" Railroad Crossing

9" Junction Turn-Out

4.5" Service Road Right Turn-Out

Service Road 1/8 Circle Right

4.5" Service Road Left Turn-Out

Service Road 1/8 Circle Left

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale Grade Change Tracks_____

9" Hump

9" Bridge

9" Single Loop

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale Single Lane Tracks_____

9" Terminal

9" Single Lane

7" Single Lane

5" Single Lane

6"ra 1/8C

_____Aurora Thunderjet HO Scale Adapter Tracks_____

Wide Track

Single Lane

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