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ModelMotorist.Com: Identification: Track: Marx.

Marx HO Scale Slot Track

_____Marx HO Scale Terminal Tracks_____

9"ra 1/4C Common Ground

_____Marx HO Scale Straight Tracks_____

7 1/2" 2 lane

_____Marx HO Scale 1/4 Circle Curve Tracks_____

9"ra 1/4C

6"ra 1/4C

_____Marx HO Scale 1/8 Circle Curve Tracks_____

12"ra 1/8C

_____Marx HO Scale Banked Tracks_____

11 1/2" Bank Right Transition

9" Radius 1/4 Circle Bank Curve

11 1/2" Bank Left Transition

_____Marx HO Scale Feature Straight Tracks_____

7 1/2" Lap Counter

7 1/2" Lane Change

7 1/2" Squeeze Half

7 1/2" Narrow Lane Spacing

7" Flying Crossover Jump

6" Flying Crossover Landing

15" Wiggle

_____Marx HO Scale Intersection Tracks_____

7" Railroad Crossing

_____Marx HO Scale Grade Change Tracks_____

Right Single Loop

Left Single Loop

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